Frequently Asked Questions

Education Is the Priority

Lighthouse Christian Academy, a private school and a ministry of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Dawsonville, Georgia serves grades K3-12. We use Abeka Christian School materials, in traditional classroom settings, with elementary, middle, and high school teachers who hold qualified degrees, have strong Christian character and a passion to guide students to realize their God-given potential.

How many days are in the school year?

To comply with state and GAC standards, Lighthouse Christian Academy has 180 days in the school year.
Click here to download the 2024-2025 Lighthouse Christian Academy school calendar.

Are there uniforms?

Specifics and standards of the dress code can be found in the Parent/Student Handbook.

What are school hours?

Doors will open at 7:40. School starts at 8:00 am and ends at 2:30 pm.

What curriculum do you use?
Do you offer dual enrollment?

LCA offers dual enrollment opportunities for students In 9th-12th grades with UNGLanier Tech, and Truett McConnell.

Are you accredited?

Yes, LCA is fully accredited. We have been granted full accreditation by the Georgia Accrediting Commission.

What if school is cancelled? How will I know?

Parents will need to use the Remind app for messaging. School closings will also be announced on the Facebook page.

Do you have a school lunch program?

We will not have an organized school lunch program. Students will need to pack their lunches and bring snacks for morning snack time.

What do I bring to School?


(1) Kindermat-plastic
(1) Plastic pencil box
(1) Plastic pocket folder
(1) Package of No.2 plain yellow pencils (pre-sharpened if available) Kindergarten only

(2) Pack of large beginner pencils (My First Ticonderoga or similar brand) Pre-K only

(2) Pack of larger pink erasers
(2) Boxes of 24 Crayola crayons
(1) Box of thick Crayola markers

(1) Pack of Expo dry erase markers (any color, size, or count)
(4) Large glue sticks

(1) Pair of rounded tip scissors
(1) Complete change of clothes in a Zip-lock bag to leave in cubby

Please label everything with your child’s name. You may send in a small blanket that will be sent home every day for sanitizing.

1st-2nd Grade

(1) King James Bible to keep at school
(1) Pack of No.2 plain yellow pencils

(1) Pack of erasers (can go on pencil or be block style)
(2) boxes of 24 Crayola crayons
(1) box of 16 Crayola colored pencils
(1) box of 8 thin Crayola markers
(1) Pack of 2 glue stick
(1) pair of Friskers scissors
(1) Bottle of liquid hand sanitizer
(1) Can of unscented shaving cream
(1) Pack of Expo markers

+ Second Grade
(2) 100 packs of wide-ruled notebook paper

3rd-4th Grade

(1) King James Bible
(1) School Supply Box
(1) Box of 48 ct. Crayons or more
(1) Pair of Scissors

(1) Ruler with inches and centimeters
(2) Erasers

(1) Pencil Sharpener

(1) Highlighter

(2) Glue Sticks

(1) Bottle of Glue

(2) Composition notebooks

(4) Boxes of Kleenex

(4) Containers of Clorox Wipes

(2) Liquid hand sanitizers

(1) Combination Lock for Locker

5th-6th Grade

(1) Backpack

(4) Packs of No. 2 pencils

(1) Pair of scissors

(1) Pocket folder

(1) Composition notebook

(1) Bottle of glue

(2) Packs of loose leaf notebook paper

(4) Boxes of Kleenex

(3) Packs  of Clorox Wipes

(1) Pencil box, bag, or pouch

(1) Pack of highlighers

(1) Pack of Crayons, colored pencils, or markers

7th-8th Grade

(1) King James Bible
(1) Highlighter
(1) Pkg. Colored Pencils
(1) Pencil Pouch
(1) Pkg. Of #2 Pencils and/or Mechanical Pencils
(4) 1-inch 3-ring Binders with dividers and Notebook Paper (for Math, English, History, and Science)

(1) Ruler with inches & centimeters
(1) Scientific Calculator (Texas Instruments TI-30Xa recommended)
(1) Compass
(1) Protractor
(2) Boxes of Kleenex
(2) Containers of Clorox Wipes

Additional binders, folders, or notebooks for Bible or other electives may be required.

9th-12th Grade

(1) King James Bible

(6) 1.5 inch Three-Ring Binders
(1) Highlighter
(4) Pkg. Of #2 Pencils and/or Mechanical Pencils
(2) Pkg. of Notebook Paper
(1) Ruler with inches & centimeters
(1) Scientific Calculator – Catiga 121
(1) Compass
(1) Protractor
(2) Boxes of Kleenex
(2) Containers of Clorox Wipes

(1) Wide ruled notebook (suggested 100 sheets)

(1) Dedicated eraser – Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Eraser